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Three houses burnt from phone battery explosion
461 Views Three houses in Chasefu District – Eastern province have been burnt after the phone batteries left charging...
[Zambian Eye] 14/09/2021
Mpezeni turns back on opposition
MAYENGO NYIRENDA, Chipata PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni, of the Ngoni, says it is folly of any chief to work with opposition...
[Zambia Daily Mail] 14/09/2021
Presidential Empowerment Initiative disbanded
PRISCILLA MWILA, Lusaka THE Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund (PEIF) has been disbanded, while the Eastern...
[Zambia Daily Mail] 13/09/2021
VIDEO: This is the girl in the chipata Viral video
Some girls can talk. This is the girl in the chipata video. (Warning: Audio contains very strong language) Source
[Zambian Observer] 12/09/2021
Chipata hit by shortage of empty grain bags
344 Views Farmers in Chipata have expressed concern over the shortage of empty grain bags. The farmers who spoke to the...
[Zambian Eye] 11/09/2021
Chipata farmers welcome new Agriculture Minister
The Chipata District Farmers Association (CDFA) has welcomed the appointment of Mtolo Phiri as Minister of Agriculture....
[Lusakatimes] 11/09/2021
Chipata ~ Fri, 10 Sept 2021 By Brightwell Chabusha Chipangali MP Andrew Lubusha says elected leaders must work towards...
[Zambia Reports] 10/09/2021
Two burn camp, get 10 years each for arson
MAYENGO NYIRENDA, Chipata THE Chipata High Court has sentenced two men of Mambwe district to 10 years imprisonment each...
[Zambia Daily Mail] 09/09/2021
I Will Now Be Supporting UPND- sparamount chief Mpezeni
I WILL NOW BE SUPPORTING UPND, SAYS MPEZENI…I can’t support a party I don’t know, which is not even in govt Apa...
[Zambian Observer] 07/09/2021
601 teenage pregnancies recorded in Chipata from April to June this year
The Ministry of Health has disclosed that a total of 601 teenage pregnancies were recorded in Chipata district in...
[Lusakatimes] 07/09/2021
Chief schools tobacco farmers
DARLINGTON MWENDABAI, Lusaka OVER 100 virginia tobacco farmers in Chief Chanje’s area in Chipangali, Eastern Province,...
[Zambia Daily Mail] 07/09/2021
Chipata Immigration authorities detain 15 Ethiopians | Zambian Politics News
THE Chipata Regional Immigration Office has detained 15 Ethiopians for the offence of unlawful entry. Immigration public...
[Zambian Politics] 05/09/2021
I Have Forgiven The UPND For Not Inviting Me To HH’s Inauguration Ceremony – Chief Mpezeni
I HAVE forgiven the UPND for not inviting me to President Hakainde Hichilema’s inauguration ceremony at Heroes...
[Zambian Observer] 02/09/2021
27 YEAR OLD CHIPATA MAYOR SWORN IN NEWLY elected Chipata City Mayor, George Mwanza and 15 other councillors have today...
[Zambian Observer] 02/09/2021
HH meets Mambwe man who cycled to witness his inauguration
HH meets Mambwe man who cycled to witness his inauguration President Hakainde Hichilema writes: This afternoon we shared...
[Zambian Observer] 31/08/2021
President HH meets man who cycled 600km to attend his inauguration
1,282 Views President Hakainde Hichilema this afternoon met Patrick Mphande, the man who cycled from Mambwe District,...
[Zambian Eye] 30/08/2021
WE HAVE BEEN EMBARRASSED…but we’ll go up and down with Lungu – East PF
THE Patriotic Front in Eastern Province has appealed to the party’s central committee to do away with members of the...
[Zambian Observer] 29/08/2021
Lungu, Mwila Destroyed PF…God Will Definitely Deal With Them – Atanny Mwamba
By Christopher Miti FORMER Eastern Province PF chairperson Atanny Mwamba says the original PF did not lose the 2021...
[Zambian Observer] 28/08/2021
By Isaac Zulu Senior chief Nzamane of the Ngoni speaking people in Eastern Province has condemned the decision by the...
[Zambian Observer] 26/08/2021
Soweto tomato price rises to K230
NKOLE MULAMBIA, NKOMBO KACHEMBA Lusaka, Kitwe PRICES of tomatoes in Lusaka have skyrocketed with a box selling at K230...
[Zambia Daily Mail] 26/08/2021
Sean Tembo attacks the singing of Tonga at Inauguration, calls it tribalism
Sean Tembo attacks the singing of Tonga at Inauguration, calls it tribalism. Tembo got zero in most of the...
[Zambian Observer] 24/08/2021
Ngoni Chief Mpezeni chased from attending HH inauguration
By Staff Reporter Paramount chief of the Ngoni people, Mpezeni was today stopped from attending President Hakainde...
[Zambian Observer] 24/08/2021
Zambia, COMESA sign MOU to construct cross border market
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat and government have signed a Euro 920,544...
[Lusakatimes] 20/08/2021
A resident of Chipata to cycle to Lusaka to attend HH’s inauguration
(Daily Nation)-A resident of Chipata to cycle to Lusaka to attend HH’s inauguration. A cyclist, Patrick Mphande,47, of...
[Zambian Observer] 20/08/2021
Chipata Girls off to Lusaka for National League playoffs
Eastern Province 2020/2021 Women’s League Champions Chipata Girls Football Club are off to Lusaka for the national...
[ZamFoot] 19/08/2021

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