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GROUNDUP: Nearly a year after the floods, eThekwini villagers are still hoping for help
While the eThekwini Municipality says all those affected have been rehoused, Inanda families (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023

Earth Hour: Russia will spurn Earth Hour over WWF’s ‘Foreign Agent’ status, says Kremlin
MOSCOW, March 24 (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Friday that Russia would not take part in this (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
Nuclear weapons: North Korea tests new nuclear-capable underwater drone
SEOUL, March 24 (Reuters) - North Korea has tested a new nuclear-capable underwater attack (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
Syria : US strikes Iran-backed facilities in Syria after drone kills American
WASHINGTON, March 23 (Reuters) - The U.S. military carried out multiple air strikes in Syria on (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
King Charles: King Charles’ state visit to France postponed after violent protests
PARIS, March 24 (Reuters) - King Charlesand#039; state visit to France on Sunday has been (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
MADAM andamp; EVE: Damp Squib Game
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023

THE SNYMAN LEGACY: Tamsin Snyman steps out of her mother Lannice’s shadow
On Lannice Snyman’s deathbed, she made her younger daughter Tamsin pledge: ‘Never, ever open a (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
CIAO BELLA: A pavement window on who’s cooking Jozi, Italian style
We think of Italian food-makers as rigid and bound to an original location, but these chefs I’m (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
AIRFRYDAY: What’s cooking today: Caramelised butternut boats
Butternut takes some time to cook, and even in an air fryer it’s not a quick fix. But the (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
AIRFRYDAY: The Air in There: Five facepalm moments in your air fryer life 🤦
It would be rash to start chucking out all your other kitchen appliances in the mad, wild and (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: Creed III is a contemporary sports drama that freshens up the Rocky franchise (...)
Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors face off in the boxing ring in Creed III, the third entry (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
UGANDA ANTI-LGBTQ+: Anglican Archbishop Makgoba appeals to Ugandan president to abandon anti-gay hate (...)
‘We are all God’s children regardless of the dignity of our sexual differences’ said Anglican (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
OPINIONISTA: UK trophy hunting import ban – some animals are more equal than others
After a campaign built mostly on exaggeration and outright lies that appealed to raw emotion, (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
GROUNDUP: Thabo Bester saga – how the Facebook rapist ran a glamorous media company from prison
Pictures and video of the glitzy launch of Bester’s 21st Century Media show members of Joburg (...)
[Daily Maverick] 24/03/2023
Resilient disappointed at Hammerson’s decision not to pay dividends
Calls for changes, despite being a minority shareholder in the UK-based group.
[Moneyweb] 24/03/2023
Absa targets net zero carbon emissions by 2050
Absa Group aims to cut its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 by curtailing lending to coal, (...)
[Moneyweb] 24/03/2023

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Zambians say their country is a functioning democracy - Afrobarometer
Most Zambians surveyed by Afrobarometer see their country as a 'full democracy'. The country has had six presidents...
[News24] 23/03/2023
Huawei-supported fund awards 50 Zambian young innovators
LUSAKA, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Fifty young Zambian innovators on Wednesday were awarded for their innovation under an...
[The Africa news] 22/03/2023
Zambian president says to continue path set by forefathers on China ties
LUSAKA, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema on Wednesday said China and Zambia have a long history...
[The Africa news] 22/03/2023
Archbishop Mpundu Faults UPND’s Government in Zambia
Outspoken cleric, Archbishop Mpundu has criticised the UPND government in Zambia for being “useless” and failing to...
[News Central] 22/03/2023
Zambia launches initiative to restore forests
LUSAKA, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Zambia has joined the rest of the world in commemorating this year's International Forests...
[The Africa news] 22/03/2023
Zambia not out of the woods yet as IMF, China back Sri Lanka
Moves by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and China to rescue debt-stricken Sri Lanka have been heralded as a...
[The Africa Report] 22/03/2023
Chinese debt trap hurdles Zambia's progress: Report
Zambia [Africa], March 21 (ANI): Zambia is facing an unsustainable debt burden, and debt servicing is leaving little...
[The Africa news] 21/03/2023
Zambia urged to revive beekeeping to benefit from honey production
MANYINGA, Zambia, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Zambian beekeepers have appealed to the government to support the beekeeping...
[The Africa news] 21/03/2023
Zambian gov't says no citizens killed in Tropical Cyclone Freddy
LUSAKA, March 20 (Xinhua) -- The Zambian government said on Monday that no citizens have died as a result of Tropical...
[The Africa news] 20/03/2023
190 million children at risk from water-related crises: UNICEF
© UNICEF/Karin Schermbrucke – Students wash their hands at a newly built handwashing point at a primary school in...
[East African Business Week] 20/03/2023
India hosts roundtable on millets to strategise production and consumption globally
New Delhi [India], March 19 (ANI): A ministerial round table of millets was held post-inaugural session of the Global...
[The Africa news] 19/03/2023
Malawi Intensifies Search and Rescue for Cyclone Victims
Blantyre, Malawi - Malawi rescue teams started using sniffer dogs Friday to locate the bodies of people trapped under...
[The Africa news] 18/03/2023
Zambia: Tralard Project Deepens, Widens Lunga Waterways
[Times of Zambia] Lunga district, located in Luapula province, has long faced the challenge of using narrow and shallow...
[AllAfrica] 18/03/2023
Zambia: Zambian Officials Arrest Auditor General, Others On Corruption Charges
[VOA] Lusaka, Zambia -- Zambian authorities have arrested the country's auditor general and 17 others at the Ministry of...
[AllAfrica] 18/03/2023
Zambia sends humanitarian aid to Malawi
LUSAKA, March 17 (Xinhua) -- Zambia on Friday flagged off humanitarian aid to help victims of the Tropical Cyclone in...
[The Africa news] 17/03/2023
Zambia upbeat about debt agreement
Zambia's external debt stood at $14.87 billion at the end of June 2022; Chinese lenders accounted for almost $6 billion...
[Africanews] 15/03/2023
Foreign investors urged to invest in sugar plantation in Zambia
LUSAKA, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Foreign investors have been urged to invest in a sugar plantation in the rich vast plains...
[The Africa news] 15/03/2023
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe, Zambia to Sign Ecosystems Deal
[The Herald] Zimbabwe and Zambia are set to conclude an agreement which is expected to foster transnational cooperation...
[AllAfrica] 15/03/2023
Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia…Why food inflation is not slowing down in Africa
The global trend towards a slowdown in the rise in the prices of basic consumer goods is not yet clearly visible in...
[The Africa Report] 14/03/2023
Vice-President Kamala Harris to visit Africa in latest U.S. outreach
She plans to be in Ghana from March 26 to 29, then in Tanzania from March 29 to 31. Her final stop is Zambia, on March...
[Africanews] 13/03/2023
President Hichilema Leads Zambia’s Youth Day Commemoration
Zambia celebrated its Youth Day on March 12th, 2023, with President Hakainde Hichilema leading the commemoration in...
[News Central] 13/03/2023
The six key reasons consumers in sub Saharan Africa love mobile money
Mobile money transactions represent a substantial portion of domestic economic activity in many countries across sub...
[IT News Africa] 12/03/2023
Zambia: Zambia Beefs up Its Borders to Tackle Illegal Migration
[DW] Zambia has become a major transit point for human traffickers who often smuggle people into the country enroute to...
[AllAfrica] 09/03/2023
Zambia: Police Arrest Feminist NGO Leaders, Accuse Them of Promoting Homosexuality
[VOA] Lusaka, Zambia -- Zambia's government said it will not tolerate the promotion of LGBTQ rights, saying such rights...
[AllAfrica] 09/03/2023
Zambia marks International Women's Day amid calls for gender equality
LUSAKA, March 8 (Xinhua) -- Zambia on Wednesday joined the rest of the world in commemorating International Women's Day...
[The Africa news] 08/03/2023

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